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CLOSED-Rustic Barn Liquidation Auction - LOTS of Furniture, Rustic Treasures, and More - Friday, October 25 - Thursday, October 31, 2019 Begins Closing at 7:00 p.m. at the rate of 5 items per minute.

Item Description
1.Black Metal Chandelier with 6 lights
This works; just needs to be wired. It is about 28" tall and 25" wide.
2.2 White Queen Anne Chairs
NOTE: These are being sold at 2 times the money. These measure about 37" tall, 23 wide, and 16" deep.
3.Lot of 8 Miscellaneous Glassware Candlesticks, Vases, and More
4.Large Platter, 4 Short Glasses, 4 Bowls, 1 Footed Bowl and 9 Small Plates/Saucers
5.Lot of 10 Lead Crystal Stemmed Glasses 5 Each of 2 Different Designs
6.Another Lot of Smaller Lead Crystal Stemmed Glasses 9 of 1 Design & 2 of Another
7.Lot of 13 Lead Crystal Stemmed Cordial Glasses
8.Lot of 8 Lead Crystal Stemmed Dessert Dishes and 2 Small Handled Mugs
9.3 Collectible Flintstones Handled Glass Mugs from McDonalds plus More Miscellaneous Glassware Pieces
10.5 Fostoria Stemmed Glasses, 7 Etched Glass Water/Tea Glasses, and 1 Vase
11.Lot of Miscellaneous Glassware Mason Jars, Jelly Jar, Bud Vase, and More
12.Lot of 12 Miscellaneous Glassware Toothpick Holder, Small Oil Cruets, Lidded Lead Glass Apple Trinket Holder, and More
13.Miscellaneous Items Small Wooden Basket with Metal Items Including Toothbrush Holders, Trivet,
14.Lot of 6 Porcelain China Pieces, 2 Made in Japan and 1 Made in Taiwan
15.Brass Colored Hanging Lamp with Glass Globe
Diameter is about 14".
16.8-Light Metal Chandelier
This measures about 25" across. Chain is about 82" long.
17.Wooden M J Hummel Rack, 2 Bailey's Glasses, 4 Blue Glass Cups and 1 Glass Cake/Cookie Dome
Wooden shelf measures about 28" tall, 9" wide and only 1-1/4" deep.
18.5 Lead Crystal Tea/Water Glasses, 2 Whiskey Glasses, Tall Vase and More
Crackle vase might have chip/crack as seen in photo.
19.Vintage Metal with Wooden Handle Hand Drill and 3 Metal Crosses
20.Lot of 6 Miscellaneous Glassware (Candy Dishes, etc.) and 4 Plastic Parfait Dishes with Lids
21.Red Peacock Vacuum Bottle Co. Pitcher and 6 Miscellaneous Vintage Pieces
Includes amoeba melmac ashtray, melmac gravy boat and more
22.Norleans Japan Bluebird Small Planter and Glass Bowl on Metal Stand
Metal stand has one broken leg as shown in photo.
23.The Hinode Pitcher, Sugar & Creamer Set from Japan, and Mirror
24.Miscellaneous Glass and China
25.Large Lot of Miscellaneous Glassware, Including Large Vase, Jar with Screw-On Rattan Lid, Candle Holders, and More
26.Lot of Miscellaneous Dishes, Included 6 Greenwood's Corilan Iroquois China, and More
1 plate is chipped as shown in photo.
27.2 Glass Light Fixture Globes and 4 Plastic Bar Caddies
28.Lot of 7 Green Glass Pieces, Including Pretty Crackle Glass Vase and More
29.Lot of Silver Plated and Silver Colored Pieces
30.Fitz & Floyd 8-Sided Dish, Made in Taiwan Cow Milk Jug, & Other Small Stoneware Crock
31.Tall Glass Vase with Lots of Decorative Glass Beads
This measures about 20" tall.
32.Tall Green Glass Vase
This measures about 16-1/2" tall.
33.Vintage Wooden Octagonal Table with Spindle Legs
This measures about 29" tall and 25" wide.
34.Vintage Round End Table
35.2 Old Carved Wooden Chairs with Leather Seats & Backs and Studs
Front legs have rolling casters. NOTE: These are being sold as 2 times the money.
36.Vintage Chrome and Vinyl Diner Style Chair
37.White Wicker and Wood Table
One leg repaired with wire as shown in photo. This is about 35-1/2" long, 18-1/2" wide and 29" tall.
38.Painted Wooden Bar Stools
These are about 29" tall and seat diameter is about 13".
39.Wooden Bar Stools with Fabric Horse Designed Seat Cushions
These are about 29" tall and seat diameter is about 13". NOTE: These are being sold as 2 times the money.
40.UNAVAILABLE - Listed in error
41.Vintage Wooden Cradle /Doll Bed
This is about 25-3/4" long, 13-1/2" wide, and 18" tall.
42.Vintage Wooden Coffee Table with Casters
43.1951 World Book Encyclopedias, 1959 National Geographic Special Series, and More Books
44.Pink 5 Lights Metal Chandelier
This is about 24" tall and 15" wide.
45.Franklin Croquet Set, Unused
46.Adult Size XXL Costume Greaser Jacket
47.Pioneer Woman Red Floral Platter and Chefmate 2-Slice Toaster with Original Box
Toaster is untested.
48.Rose Gold Colored Candle Holders 2 Wall Hangings & 2 Cups
49.Wooden Book Shelf, Wooden Artwork, Rustic Metal Doorknob, & White Metal Candle Holder
50.Green Leather and Wooden Chair
This is about 24" wide, 20" deep, and 31" tall.
51.Wooden End Table with 1 Narrow Drawer and Curved Legs
This is about 28" x 22" and 22" tall.
52.3 Old Metal Barstools with Leather-Like Covered Seats
NOTE: These are The top to one stool needs to be reattached to legs. 37" to top of back with 13" diameter seats.
53.Oval Wooden End Table
This has a hole where something is missing, perhaps a lamp. This is about 24" x 14" and 23" tall.
54.Old Wooden Trunk with Wooden Removable Tray
This is about 30" long, 16" wide, and 20" tall.
55.Sturdy Wooden Table with Iron Base
56.2 Small Wooden Stools and and It's a Boy Photo Holder
57.3 Wooden Seat with Metal Backs Stool Seats, Legs/Base not Included
These are heavy and good quality
58.Old New Home Sewing Machine Stand with Wooden Table Top
Table top measures about 26" long, 15-1/2" wide, and 29" tall.
59.Everything on Shelf: Water Cooler, Milk Glass Lamp, 2-Bottle Metal Wine Rack, 2 Wooden Shelves, and Shop Light
60.Everything on Shelf: Mitre Saw, 2 Metal File Drawers, 4 Square Glass Blocks, and More
61.Tall Skinny White Door
This is about 79" x 24."
62.White Door with Some Paint Splatter
This is about 83" x 33."
63.White Door
This is about 79" x 32."
64.White Door
This is about 80" x 28."
65.White Door
This is about 80" x 32."
66.White Door with Narrow Metal Hardware/Shelves on One Side
This is about 85" x 42."
67.Tan Door
This is about 80" x 31."
68.Tan Skinny Door
This is about 79.5" x 17.75"
69.White Door
This is about 77" x 24."
70.Skinny Door, White on 1 Side and Brown Woodgrain on Other
This is about 79-3/4" x 16"
71.Another Skinny Door, White on 1 Side and Brown Woodgrain on Other
This is about 79-3/4" x 16"
72.Door, Tan on 1 Side and White Outline Around Tan on Other
This is about 78" x 32"
73.Brown Wooden Saloon-Style Doors in Attached Door Frame
This is about 81-3/4" x 25-1/2"
74.White Skinny Door in Attached Door Frame
This is about 80" x 20."
75.White Vinyl Shutter Design Accordion Style Doors
This is about 79" x 31-1/2"
76.White Vinyl Frame Screen Door
This is about 80" x 32"
77.White Frame Screen Door with Torn Screen
This is about 80" x 36"
78.White Frame Screen Door
This is about 81" x 36"
79.Brown Frame Screen Door
Some broken shutter slats. This is about 84" x 36"
80.Wooden Frame for Screen Door
81.Shutters Painted Red on 1 Side, Messy White Paint on Other
82.Old White Shutter / Wall Decor
83.White Column / Pillar
84.Single White Shutter
85.Double White Shutter Accordion Style
86.White Column / Pillar
87.White Wooden Ladder Style Piece
88.Brown Shutter Accordion Style
89.4-Panel Brown Wood Frame with Screens and Metal Design, Could Be Used as Dog Gate
This is 32" tall; each panel is 24" wide.
90.White Column / Pillar
This is about 76" tall and is rotten wood at top.
91.White Wooden Column / Pillar
This is 8" tall and 8" diameter.
92.White Wooden Column / Pillar
This is 8" tall and 8" diameter and has crack in it.
93.Another White Wooden Column / Pillar
This is 8' tall and 8" diameter.
94.Brown Wooden Column / Pillar
This is about 90-1/2" tall and 8" diameter
95.Another Brown Wooden Column / Pillar
This is about 88" tall and 8" diameter.
96.White Door Frame with Tin Background Backdrop with 2 Attached Hinged Panels for Stability
This is about 5" tall and 5" wide
97.2 Rods / Pillars /Columns with 2 Base Plates
Rods are about 8' tall. Base plates are about 7-1/2" square with 2" hole.
98.Wooden Headboard Piece
This is about 57-1/2" wide and 19" tall.
99.UNAVAILABLE. Consignor included by mistake
100.UNAVAILABLE. Consignor included by mistake.
101.Wooden Saloon Door with Round "Slats"
This is about 39" tall and 16-1/2" wide.
102.3 Metal Hangers / Extenders
These are about 31" long. Can be used to hang lighting, plants, etc.
103.2 White Columns / Pillars
These are each about 91-1/2" tall and 5-1/2" diameter.
104.UNAVAILABLE. Consignor included by mistake.
105.White Frame Tri-Fold Backdrop
This is about 96" tall and each panel is about 24" wide.
106.Tall Skinny Brown Wooden Door
This is about 96" tall and 25" wide.
107.White Wooden Door
This is about 77" tall and 24" wide.
108.Tall White Door with Glass French Panes
This is about 96" tall and 32" wide.
109.Tall White Door with Glass French Panes
This is about 96" tall and 30" wide.
110.White Door
This is about 73" tall and 24" wide. It has some stickers on one side.
111.3 Yellow Wooden Chairs
NOTE: These are being sold at 3 times the money.
112.2 Dark Wood, Light Fabric Queen Anne Chairs
NOTE: These are being sold at 2 times the money.
113.2 Wooden Chairs
NOTE: These are being sold at 2 times the money.
114.Huge Boot Pinata
115.White Wooden Clock Housing
116.Wooden Desk Organizer and Box, and Metal Items
117.Vintage Baia Super 8 "Live Action" Movie Editor / Reviewer
118.Easter Tin and Framed Bunny Print
119.7 Rolls of Self Adhesive Woodgrain Design Shelf Paper
120.2 Metal Tubs
1 measures about 18"" x 10-1/2" and the other 15" x 6-1/2"
121.2 Vintage Brass & Glass Pineapple Design Lamps
They measure about 28" high and do not have shades.
122.Otter Box Phone Case and Snoopy AM Radio
123.2 Hanging Lamps with 15 ft. Cords
124.3 Metal Lamp Bases
They each are about 21" tall.
125.Portland 14" Electric Chain saw and Rubbermaid Cooler / Ice Chest
126.Yarn Dog, Twine, Plastic Bucket & Tree Garbage Bags
127.Plastic Trash Can with Door Stops
128.Vintage Heavy Borden's Milk Crate
Metal frame with fiberglass sides
129.White Wicker Bird Plant Stand
This measures about 35" tall.
130.Plastic Tub of Party Supplies Cups, Japanese Lanterns
131.Large Tub of Purses
132.Tub of Vintage Clothes Leather Vest, Boy Scout Shirt and More
133.Dobbs New York Men's Italian Hat
134.Resistol Black Hat, Size 6-7/8
135.Shyanne Women's Boots, Size 7-1/2, Made in Mexico
136.Justin Boots, Size 8
137.Justin Black Boots, Size 8
138.Corral Brown Size 7-1/2 Boots
139.Large Tub of Christmas Lights
140.Bag of Nice Ladies' Belts
141.UNAVAILABLE. Consignor included by mistake.
142.Leather Lion of Babylon Purse by Beilioi
143.Ladies' Black Leather Jacket from Gap, Size L
144.Ladies' Black Leather Vest from Western Frontier, Size L
145.White Cocktail Dress, Destinations by Mon Cheri, Size 12
146.4 Black Wooden Chairs
2 have cushions and the other 2 do not. NOTE: These are being sold at 4 times the money.
147.2 Vintage Brown Engraved Chairs
148.3 Vintage Misc. Chairs
149.2 "Brass" Deer. One Doe And One Fawn.
Doe is about 22.5" x 16". Fawn is about 15" x 12.5"
150.Black Vinyl Hat Box
This is about 13" x 13"
151.Another Black Vinyl Hat Box
This is about 13" x 13"
152.4 Vintage Wooden Chairs With Flower Design Cushion
2 of the cushions have plastic protection on them. PLEASE NOTE: These are being sold at 4 times the money.
153.6 Vintage White Cushioned Chairs
5 without arms and 1 with. NOTE: These are being sold at 6 times the money.
154.4 Corrugated Signs
These are about 48" x 12"
155.Vintage Black Size 8 Cocktail Dress Made By Doyle
156.Wicker Basket With Cotton Insert
This is about 22" x 10"
157.Halo Game Promotional Statue. Noble Team Statue
"This is about 12" wide and 10" wide looks like it is missing some pieces
158.Black Loume Backpack Purse
159.Miscellaneous Stuff
Copper Minature Milk Can, Tin Pitcher, and Brass candy dish
160.Father Christmas Decoration
This is about 47" tall
161.Antique Radio
This is about 38" x 21" x 11"
162.Antique Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine
163.Lot of 3 Wooden Project Chairs
164.2 Vintage White Queen Anne Cushioned Wooden Chairs
PLEASE NOTE: These are being sold at 2 times the money.
165.Kendall Motor Oil Commercial Trash Can
This is about 26.5" x 14"
166.Lionel Battery Operated G Gauge Train Set
167.Carlisle ATV Tire Size 26x10R12
168.Top Of A Bench?
This is about 47" x 14"
169.Vintage Suitcase
Covered in shelf paper and the locks are painted shut
170.Vintage Suitcase
171.Dog Kennel
Looks new. Measures about 21" x 30" x 19"
172.Dining Room Table
This is about 54" x 42" and 29.5" high
173.Different Wood Slices Glued To Cardboard
This is about 42" x 37"
174.Vintage Beige Footboard With Gold Accents
175.Antique Wooden Footboard
176.Black Wooden Headboard And Footboard
177.Wooden Day Bed
178.Black Plastic Ornate Mirror
This is about 24.5" x 34"
179.Hanging Wall Art. Tiles Are Composite Wood
This is about 39" x 20"
180.Baker Furniture Vintage Wooden Footboard With Wicker Inlay
Some broken shutter slats. This is about 84" x 36"
181.Vintage Wooden Footboard
182.Vintage Wooden Headboard
183.Heavy Wooden Sleigh Headboard
184.Everything on Shelf: Tiffany Style Lamp Shade, Red Tub of Light Globes, Stuffed Santa and More
185.Everything on Shelf: Table Top Ironing Board, 3-Count Solar String Lights, Wooden Box, Candle Holder, Circular Saw Blade, Tub of Razor Blades, Small Tackle Box, and More
186.8 Drawers, Assorted Sizes
187.Heavy Brass Floor Lamp
Untested. This is about 57" tall.
188.Everything on Shelf: Jewelry Box, Golf Balls, Yellow Metal Box, Christmas Wreath, and More
189.Everything on Shelf: Clocks, Christmas Ornaments and Soap Dispensers, Books, and More
190.Everything on Shelf: Mostly Clocks
191.Everything on Shelf: Oster Mixer, Wicker Trays, Vintage GE Hair Dryer, Wooden Box, and More
192.Everything on Shelf: Assorted Frames, Metal Rings, Rough Pieces of Barn Wood
193.Regina Electric Broom, 2 Speed
194.Eureka Easy Clean 2 Electric Broom
195.Quickie Sponge Mop and Swiffer Mop
196.Everything on Shelf: Plastic Stools, Computer Monitor, Small Radio Flyer Wagon Wooden Printer Style Tray, 2 Dolls and More
Wagon needs work but it appears all pieces are here.
197.Everything on Shelf: Toys, Round Tin, Porcelain Figurines, and More
198.Everything on Shelf: McDonald's Collectible Glasses, Bronze Shoes, Blue Bottle with Lid, Fall Decor, and More
199.Everything on Shelf: Plastic Owl, Wooden Figures, California Tin Tray, Wooden Bowl, Decor, Napkin Holder, and More
200.Everything on Shelf: Assortment of Frames and 1 Over the Door Metal Hanger
201.Round Ornamental Iron/Metal Wall Decor
This is about 17" diameter.
202.Everything in Basket: 8 Wooden "Gather" Signs, Metal Bird Cage Front, Gun Case, Pink Metal Wall Shelf, and More. Shopping Cart NOT included.
203.Vintage Rubber Donald Duck, Cloth Baby Doll, and 3 Metal Noise Makers
204.Everything on Shelf: Empty Sewing Basket, Wire Picnic Food Covers, Purple CD Player Boom Box, Stuffed Bunny, Vintage Doll, Vintage Monkey Bank, and More
205.Everything on Shelf: Lots of Great Vintage Metal Cans, Tins, and Boxes, Including a Bread Box, and a Plastic Cake Taker
206.Everything on Shelf: Springform Pan, Rusty Cheese Grater, Candle Holder, Glass & Ceramic Items, Seashells, and More
207.Everything on Shelf: Coca Cola Tin Tray, Clay Pot and Pitcher, Glass Bottles, Decor, and More
Michelin sign in background not included
208.Everything on Shelf: Nice Wooden Tray, Clay Pot, Framed Photos, Glass Platter, Serving Trays, and More
209.Everything on Shelf: Vintage Iron, Camping Pan, Taco Shell Fryers, Large Glass Jar, Lock (see photo) and More
210.Large Wooden Gingerbread Girl
211.Deer Head Table Lamp with Paper Shade
Lamp is about 26" tall. Shade is torn as shown in photo.
212.Metal Table Lamp with Bedazzled Shade and Resin Southwest Design Vase
Lamp is about 31" tall.
213.Table Lamp with Glass and Rustic Metal
Lamp shade not included. About 16" tall with bulb.
214.2 Desk Lamps: 1 Metal and Ceramic Base with Glass Globe and 1 Plastic Base
Taller one is about 14" tall.
215.Nice Table Lamp with Glass Body and Metal Base
This is very clean and about 30" tall.
216.Wooden and Metal Clamp and Rustic Wooden 3-Sided Crate
217.Vintage Toy Amsco Metal High Chair and Tin Triangles with Cut-Out Letters
High chair is about 17" tall. Tin Triangles are about 12" long.
218.Miniature Metal Steamboat and Coffee Grinder, Chile and Rosemary Jars, Vintage Strainer & Whisk, and 2 Gas Stove Burner Covers
219.3 Glass Insulators and 1 Glass Block
220.Collapsible Metal Rack
This is about 15" tall, 14-1/2" wide, and 13" deep
221.5 Fabric Ropes with Tassels
Shorter 3 are about 25" long and taller 2 are about 27" long
222.Wooden Swinging Cowboy
This measures about 20-1/2" tall without rope.
223.Vintage Cow and Chicks Canister Set
Cow head has a crack in it.
224.Tall White Wooden Table
This is about 36-1/2" tall and 42" x 42" square.
225.Nicely Framed and Matted Photo of Walkway to Beach
This is about 43-1/2" wide and 20-1/2" tall.
226.Everything on Shelf: Metal Basket and Fireplace Ashes Holder, Wooden Basket, Plastic Cake Taker, and Metal Pan with Lid
227.Everything on Shelf: Brass Pots, Dishes and Planters, Metal Pots / Planters, and More
228.Everything on Shelf: Vintage Iron, Vintage Metal Canister Filled with Kitchen Utensils, Old Press, License Plates, Meat Grinder, Rusty Cheese Grater, Candle Holder, Wooden Drawer Full of Misc. Decor, and More
229.Everything on Shelf: Vintage Pots & Pans Including Roaster, Ceiling Fan Blades, and More
230.Everything on Shelf: 6 Wooden Drawers and 1 Pair of Wooden Shoes
231.Vintage Wilton Winnie the Pooh Cake Pan
232.Everything on Shelf: Assorted Wooden Shelves, Lamp without Shade, Nice Wicker & Metal Basket with Home Cut-Outs
233.Everything on Shelf: Wooden Bread Basket, Assorted Metal Pails, New Wicker Basket, and More
234.Everything on Shelf: Empty Sewing Basket, Old Rusty Pots & Pans, Texas Themed Wooden Tray, and More
235.Everything on Shelf: Lots of Baskets, Vintage Metal Ice Tray, Wire Pitcher, and More
236.Everything on Shelf: Lots of Baskets, Garden Stepping Stone, and Metal Plate Rack
237.Dell 19" Computer Monitor
238.2 Plastic Buckets with Handles and Bag of Electrical Supplies/Parts
239.2 Porcelain Dolls: Mann's Collectible Musical Doll from 1982 and 1 Dolls by Pauline
240.Vintage Metal Kitchen Bread Box and Dry Goods Storage Canister
241.Office Desk with 3 Drawers and Keyboard Pull-Out Shelf
This is about 50" wide, 20" deep, and 30" tall.
242.Tall Chair/Stool
Seat height is about 24"
243.6 Sturdy Wooden Chairs with Leather/Vinyl Seats & Backs
Seats and backs are in good shape; wood could use some TLC. NOTE: These are being sold at 6 times the money.
244.Wooden Project / DIY Chair
245.Vintage Black Plastic Chair with Metal Base
246.Tall Wooden Chair/Stool with Cain Bottom Seat
Seat height is about 24" and needs some repair.
247.2 Tall Wooden Chairs/Stools with Cane Bottom Seats
Seat height is about 24." NOTE: These are being sold at 2 times the money.
248.Nice Wooden Project Chair (Broken Seat)
249.Heavy Wooden Project Chair (Broken Seat & Missing Arm)
250.Tub of Legs / Spindles
251.Tub of Longer Legs / Spindles, a Few with Casters
252.2 Lamps without Shades: Ceramic Black one and Metal White One
253.Rectangle Attache or Music Case with Clean Red Velvet Lining
254.Cushioned Ottoman with Wooden Base
255.Vinyl Ottoman with Wooden Base
256.Project Piece Wooden Drawer
This is about 32" long, 14" wide and 7" deep
257.2 Trash Cans 1 metal and 1 Plastic with Crack in Bottom
258.Vintage Rolling Office Chair
259.Old School Books and Readers from '50s and '60s and Nursery Rhymes from 1909, Plus Old Hymnal
260.Box of Old Calendars, Most are Automotive Promotional Calendars
261.Lot of Various Size Old Bottles
262.1967 Mustang Plastic Model, Cast Iron U.S. Mail Cart and Cast Iron Red Old Car
Mail cart is missing an axel, 2 wheels.
265.Wooden Arch / Pergola
This is about 82" tall, 49-1/2" wide & 32" deep.
266.Lot of Various Old Tins
Washburn Crosby Company, Prince Albert, Monkey Grip, Hershey's Kisses, and more
267.3 Pretty Metal Candle Holders
Tallest one is about 16" and other 2 are about 13-1/2" tall.
268.Heavy Old Cowboy on Horse Statue, Resin/Stone on Wodden Base
This is about 13" tall. He has small chip on boot as shown in photo.
269.Electric World Globe and Miniature "Joy to the World" Globe
Tallest one is about 17" tall.
270.Assorted Movies and Music Including Footloose, Open Season, & Others
271.Old Metal Toolbox and Assorted Rustic Tools, Including Wooden Fold-Up Ruler
272.Assorted Vintage Kitchen Items, Including Salt & Pepper Grinders, Sugar Shaker, Old Metal Creamer and More'
273.Assorted Vintage Kitchen Items, Including Cheese Grater, Tiny Loaf Pans, Mini Grinder, and More'
274.2 Vintage Metal and Glass Pieces, 1 is Pineapple Shaped and Other is Round with Fleur de Lis
Taller 1 is about 16" tall and shorter 1 is about 14" tall.
275.Miscellaneous Wooden Items, Including Spoon Holder, Spice Rack, and More
276.Miscellaneous Wooden Boxes
1 has 2 broken legs but they are inside box.
277.Ceramic Planter with Plastic Orchids
278.2 Wooden Candle Sticks, Metal Spiral Server or Earring Holder & Metal Tissue Holder with Yarn
Candle sticks are about 13" tall and it is 16" to top of heart on spiral.
279.Large Vintage Rubber Doll on Stand
She is about 24" tall.
280.Copper Wire Chicken / Rooster Basket, Milk Jug with Utensils, Small Crock, & Apple Design Pitcher
281.Vintage Old Guy Ceramic Planter
282.Wooden Blocks and a Deck of Cards
283.Lot of Miscellaneous Vintage Wire and Metal Pieces
284.Old Metal Box
This is about 11" x 12" x 9"
285.Vintaqe Metal Trash Can / Planter / Vase
This is about 14" tall and 7-1/2" diameter.
286.3 Vases 2 Glass & 1 Metal
287.Tall Purple and Silver Metal Candle Stick
This is about 18" tall.
288.Lot of Vintage Kitchen Items, Including Glass Juicer, Metal Lid and More
289.Heavy Pfaltzgraff Bowl with Lid
Microwave and Dishwasher Safe. Lid may not be made to go with it but it works.
290.Vintage Metal Lamp
This is about 32" tall.
291.Vintage Glass Lamp with Painted Gold and Gray Design
This is about 19" tall.
292.Small Vintage Glass Lamp
This is about 13" tall.
293.Milk Glass Lamp
This is about 15" tall.
294.Hand-Made Lamp from Wood, Glass & Milk Glass
This is about 12" tall.
295.4 Vintage Doilies
296.Antique Toaster
297.Vintage Proctor Clothes Iron
298.Vintage Sunbeam Kitchen Scale
Hand is laying inside of plexiglass.
299.3 Vintage Pictures
300.Vintage Playskool Wooden Wagon
1 plastic wheels is broken as shown in photo.
301.Vintage Wicker Casserole Holder with 6" x 10" Casserole Dish
302.Vintage Glass Bowl with Wavy Rim, Red at Bottom to Clear Glass
303.Vintage Glass Door Knob and Rusty Metal Door Knob
304.Oval Metal Bucket with Polka-Dot Fabric Wrap Filled with Goodies
Includes metal sifter, pink bottle with lid, candle, glass candle holder, & more
305.4 Glass Insulators
These have some chips as shown in photos.
306.J C Metal Co. Metal Box with Navy Decal
307.Miscellaneous Metal Items, Including Dolphin Bottle Opener, Nutcracker, 2 Crosses, and More
308.Heavy Metal Clock, Made in India
309.Glass Bottle Filled with Chile Peppers
310.Coors Colorado Stein from 1999
311.Miscellaneous Glass Items, Including Light Globes, Cups, Votive Candles and More
312.Small Vintage Glass Lamp
This is about 13" tall.
313.Miscellaneous Metal Candle Holders and an Ocean Scented Candle
314.Metal Lamp Shade Frame and Fabric Floral Shade Cover with Fringe
Cover is smaller than frame.
315.Rustic Ornamental Iron Decor
316.2 Baskets 1 Small Picnic Basket with Plastic Dishes and Napkins and 1 Wicker Basket with Lid
Picnic basket is about 13" long and 9-1/2" wide, and 1 handle is broken.
317.Metal Rustic Gold-Toned Lantern with LED Light, Battery Operated
This is about 12' tall.
318.Books 1949 "The Lord is My Shepherd," "Family Health Guide," Photo Album, and More
319.Plastic Bucket With Misc. Items Mason Jar with Glass Beads, Pillow, Heavy Stone Decor and More
320.Yale Deadbolt Set, Unused, In Package
321.White Wooden Drawer with 3 Sign-In Pen Sets, 1 Ring Bearer Pillow & 1 Pkg. Of Green Favor Boxes
322.4 New Packages of Weed Barrier, 4' x 8' Each
323.Assorted Wall Hangings Famous Moustaches, Passport, & 2 Vintage Wooden Heart Pictures
324.Miscellaneous Candle Holders 2 Brass, 1 Black Metal & 1 Wood with Metal Stand
325.2 White Metal Candle Stick Holders
326.Black Moustache Decor, Cardboard
327.Heavy Metal Cragar Lug Nut Mug
look this up on Ebay $$
328.3 Silver Colored Pieces 1 Heavy Hammered Metal Bowl, Another Heavy Bowl and 1 Small Stainless Steel Cup
329.Miscellaneous Metal Pieces Shelves, Trays, Hooks & Base
330.Metal Desk Organizer and 3 Wire Pieces
331.Resin Fake Coral
332."You and Me" Picture Frame and 3 Small White Frames
333.Vintage Kiwi Wooden Shoe Shine Box
Box is empty. Latch is broken.
334.3-D Framed Copper-Colored Artwork by John Love
335.Paris Decoration, Half Bird-Cage Decoration, & Lavender Beauty Care Set
336.Large Wooden Decorated Letter "N"
337.Cow and Arrow Design Coat Rack
338.Light-Weight Bamboo Suitcase Style Box
339.Wrought Iron Serving Caddy, New in Box
340.Metal Wine Rack and Grater, Iron Decorative Piece and Wooden Bucket
341.Metal Rack, Constellation Project Paper & Nice Carafe
Constellation paper is 22" x 120"
342.Vigoro Hand Held Yard Spreader
It works.
343.Cool Metal Pumpkin, Small Metal Basket & Wild Turkey Bar Caddy
344.Boxes Inside Boxes
345.Umbrella, Wicker Spoon & Orange & Black Plastic Container
346.Christmas Wreath with Dogs Decor
This is about 30" diameter
347.2 Wind-Up Westclox Alarm Clocks
348.Old GE Metal Fan
Not in great shape
349.Old Metal Mail Organizer and Wooden Matches Holder / Dispenser
350.Old Heavy Metal Pail and Brass Pot
351.Metal Rolling Cart without Glass Top
This is about 32" tall, 34" long and 14" wide.
352.2 Wall Mounted Adjustible Lamps with and 2 Old Framed Prints
353.Octagonal Mirror in Plastic Frame
This is about 24" tall and 23" wide. Frame is broken as shown in photos, but mirror is in good shape.
354.Hammered Metal Bowl on Stand and Large Wooden Woven Basket
355.Shakespeare Fishing Kit, Spin Casting Combo
New in box.
356.Rusty Axe Head
357.3 Metal Candelabra Style Lights
2 have wiring but no plugs. 1 does have plug. Double ones are heavy; single one is lightweight.
358.Chalkboard Message Board in Cutting Board Shape
359.Wooden Corner Shelf
360.Small Brass Pot, Stainless Steel Pie Pan/Server, and Metal Tray
361.Tub of Christmas Lights
362.Cream Colored Double Wall Shelf
363.Valse de Brahmes Cuckoo Clock
364.Mounted Deer Antlers, Crown Mount
365.Mounted Deer Antlers, Crown Mount
366.Vintage 2-Pane Window Frame, No Glass
Rotted on corner as shown in photo. This is about 28" wide and 36" tall.
367.3 Metal Tins Tea, Flour, and Sugar, and Ceramic Fork & Spoon
368.Black Football Practice Pad
369.Cool Deer Horn Basket Filled with Bag of Wooden Craft Circles and 2 New Packages of Shower Curtain Hangers
370.Vintage Plastic Round Lidded Box
371.Coil of Crafters Wire
372.5 Wooden Legs
373.Texas Shaped Wooden Type Tray
374.Wooden Gavel
375.Vintage "Country Gentleman" Magazines from 1927 and 1930
376.Old Rare Sinclair Oil Gasoline or Antifreeze Tester
377.Vintage Metal Doorknob Assembly
378.Vintage Glass Container of Vintage Marbles
379.2 Pipe Clamps
380.Vintage Child Size Wicker Rocker without Seat
This is about 26" tall and 20" wide.
381.Vintage Ash Tray from the 1970s
This is about 24" tall and bottom shelf is 12" x 9-1/2"
382.Vintage Small Table with Front Compartment
This is about 18" wide, 12" deep and 20" tall
383.Box of Funk and Wagnall Encyclopedias from the 1970s
384.Rustic House Shaped Decor with Cubbies
This is about 25-1/2" tall, 26" wide and 6" deep.
385.Vintage Wooden Tool Box
This is about 23-1/2" x 8-1/2" and 5-1/2" deep
386.Vintage Metal Tackle Box with Some Tool Supplies Inside
387.Stan Thompson Copper Colored Golf Clubs
Includes 2, 5, 8, 9, Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge
388.Vintage Johnny Revolta 5 Iron and Longway 8 Iron
389.6 Vintage Badminton Racquets
390.2 Winners Choice Tennis Rackets
391.Rolling Metal Cart
This is about 33-1/2" tall and 13" wide.
392.Antique Oil Lamps and Antique Metal Wall Sconce
from Queens City 100-year old bed & breakfast
393.Old Maps and Books
394.Green Wooden Box with Twisted Vine Handle
This is about 16" square and 4" deep.
395.Huge White Wooden Corbel
Top piece found after this was processed. It is brown wooden shelf-type top. This is about 30" tall and 30" deep and 12" wide.
396.Tall Chrome Chandelier
This is about 30" tall and 15" square at the bottom
397.Vintage Heavy Oval Mirror
This is about 26" tall and 18" wide.
398.Back of Wooden Spindle Chair
399.2 Metal Pieces, Steel Rectangle CageStyle Piece with End that Opens and Black Metal Stand
Black piece is about 24" tall and 11-1/2" diameter. Chrome piece is about 14" x 14" x 8-3/4"
400.Vintage Andre Rivalle Pocket Watch
401.Remington and Mott Size L Wool Men's Hat
402.Galerie Au Chocolat Beaded Purse
403.Beaded Panda Bear Purse
404.Beaded Swan Design Coin Purse
405.Vintage Corde White Bead Beaded Purse
406.Vintage Walborg Beaded Purse, Gold Colored
407.Vintage Beaded and Sequin Purse Made in Hong Kong
408.Vintage Pink Lee Bury of Dallas Hat with Beaded Design
409.Vintage Yellow Westbury New York Hat and Petit Chapeau by 9 Englander Straw Visor
410.2 Vintage Hat, 1 is Janyth Roy New York
411.2 Fur Coat Collars
413.Metal Fishing Tackle Box and Metal Tool Tray
414.Metal Tool/Tackle Box and Metal Tool Tray
415.Beautiful World Globe with Wooden Top Piece
416.Thomas Collection Edition Oak Replica Wall Phone
417.Rustic Branding Iron, C C Design
418.Old Metal Round Watering Trough and 2 Metal Pails
Watering trough is about 22" diameter.
419.Antique Sad Iron
420.Old Metal Sink or Bathtub Faucet Set
421.Black and Red Witches / Medieval Costume, Plus Size
422.Daisy BB Gun, Decor only, not in Working Condition
423.Plastic Planter Filled with Parts to a Whiskey Barrel
424.Metal Pail with 4-Inch Diameter Balls (Croquet? Bocce?)
425.2 Tin Round Christmas Trays
426.4 Metal Items Copper Pan Made in Portugal, Copper Colored Tray, Large Heavy Pail Filled with Fake Fruit and Smoker or Firepit Tray/Bowl
427.Large C Clamp, Leveling Jack for Camper or Vehicle, Sprinkler & Flashlight Top to Hook up to Big Battery
428.Rustic Branding Iron with A C Design
429.Rustic Vintage Kitchen Utensils and 2 Metal Pots Bowls
430.Brown Glass Bottle with Lid
431.UNAVAILABLE. Included by mistake.
432.Old Rusty T Square
433.Cuckoo Clock
434.2 More Rustic Buckets
435.Old Toaster without a Cord and Small Brass Pot
436.Vintage Everhol Time Clock
437.Wooden Shelf and Copper Pot
Handles on pot are broken.
438.Metal Camping Coffee Pot and Wooden Jewelry Box
439.Rusty Metal Shelves
This is about 31" wide, 9-1/4" deep and 35-1/2" tall
440.Vintage Rectangle Mirror
This is about 28-3/4" long and 26" tall. Frame is chipped in 1 place as shown in photo.
441.Wooden Shelf and Rustic Metal Tool
Wooden shelf is about 16" wide and 11" tall.
442.Wooden Sign
443.Wooden Sign
444.Wooden Sign
445.Vintage Metal Suitcase Small Trunk
This is about 25" x 14" x 8"
446.1925 to 1975 Old Timer's Tire Guide Book
447.Wood Burning Stove / Pot Belly Stove Design Lamp
This is about 9" tall.
448.Vintage Metal Trunk with Tray
This is about 30" x 16" and 12" deep
449.Kalart Editor Viewer Eight, Model EV-8 in Box
450.Gold Toned Resin Picture Frame and Plastic Greenery Decor
451.Octagonal Beveled Mirror
452.Vintage Doilies
453.Vintage Doilies
454.Vintage Linens, Embroidered Pillow Cases & Table Runner, Napkins, Apron & More
455.Vintage Blue Metal Suitcase Small Trunk, Wood Lined
This is about 25" x 14" and 8" deep
456.Vintage Wood Trunk
This is abou 31" x 17-1/4" and 13" deep.
457.Electric Tempus Fugit Clock
458.Wooden Stand
This is about 34" tall.
459.Large Commercial Wooden Trash Can
This is about 27" x 27" and 29" tall
460.Large Heavy Wooden Cart On Casters
This is about 52" tall x 36" wide with 21" shelf
461.Round Metal Trash Can
This is about 32" tall and 18" diameter
462.Old Metal Chicken Nesting Box with 14 Cubbies
This is about 59" wide and 32" tall
463.White Metal Pedestal With Drawer for Washer or Dryer
This measures about 26" x 27" and 13" tall
464.12 Plastic Pans / Planters
These are about 22" x 6-1/4" and 4" deep
465.Rustic Metal Antique Wagon
This is about 45" long and 10" to bottom.
466.Heavy Duty Vintage Wood and Metal Cart with Handle
This is about 60" long, 30-3/4" wide and 15" tall to bottom of cart
467.Antique Metal Drill
This is about 60" long with 12" diameter wheel
468.Black Wrought Iron Fencing
Fencing is about 40" tall
469.Heavy Duty Old Metal Two Wheel Dolly
470.Metal Frame Locker To Hold Sports Equipment
This is about 40" wide, 14-3/4" wide and 42-1/2" tall
471.Metal Plant Holder / Bird Feeder Holder
This is about 90" tall. There are 4 arms at top and 3 arms below. One arm is broken but piece is still attached.
472.Rustic Metal Tall Candle Holder
This is about 42" tall and 18-1/2" wide.
473.Rustic Metal Curved Fence Piece / Gate
This is about 53" wide and 32" tall
474.Stainless Steel Rolling Cart Ice Chest with Bottle Opener, Like New
475.Metal Bin Filled with Wooden Legs with Casters, Plastic Furniture Lifts & More
Metal bin is about 20-1/2" x 13" and 10" deep.
476.Metal Bin Filled with Wooden Legs, Metal Box, Wooden Banister Tops, & More
Metal bin is about 20-1/2" x 13" and 10" deep.
477.Assortment of Metal Trays Silver Plated Tray, Large Oval Tray, Grilling Pan & More
478.Metal Candle Holder Small Vase Holder
This is about 18" wide and 11-1/2" tall
479.Round Metal Bucket Filled with Lots of Casters
480.Rolling Wooden Table with 4 Sections on Bottom and Pallet for Top
Table measures about 24" square and is 28-1/2" tall without pallet.
481.Old Metal Washtub with 2 Copper Pots, Metal Food Warmer Stand & Metal Light Cage
482.Old Hunt County Map in Cardboard Tube
Tube is about 52" long.
483.White Lightweight Wooden Magazine Rack
484.Large Stack of Old Magazines, Mostly Sports Illustrated
The ones we pulled are from the 1980s.
485.Vintage Metal Table with Shelf Below and Glass Top Covering Flower Design
This is about 16-1/2" x 12-1/2" and 22" tall.
486.Old Metal Mop Bucket Filled with Whiskey Barrel Slats
487.Metal Toilet Paper Holder Caddy
This is about 25" tall.
488.2 Flower Pictures Printed on Wood
489.Beautiful Framed Raised Metal Palm Tree Picture
Glass is cracked as shown in photo. Measures about 19-1/2" x 23-1/2"
490.Large Wooden Frame with Painted Landscape
No glass. Measures about 40" x 28-1/2"
491.Large Wooden Frame Ready for Your Artwork
This is about 30" x 42-1/8"
492.Another Large Wooden Frame Ready for Your Artwork
This is about 31" x 41-1/2"
493.Large Heavy Gold Toned Frame
This is about 40" x 28"
494.Large White Wooden Frame, Top or Bottom to Door, Screen Door
This is about 32" x 54" "Push Here" appears to be decals you could scrape off.
495.Brown Wooden Door Frame
This is about 31-1/4" x 68-3/4"
496.White Chandelier Made From Wooden Spindle, Metal Arms, Bling & Beads
This is about 22" tall and 20" wide
497.Long Cable Hanging Clear Bulb Light
This is about 68" from base to end of bulb
498.Large Gold Toned Chandelier with 6 Lights on Bottom and 4 on Top
This is about 14" tall and 26" across
499.Deer Antler Chandelier
This is about 16" tall and 17" across
500.Small 4-Light Wooden and Metal Chandelier
This is about 14" tall and 11" across. ut 5 11" wide55" l.
501.Wooden Frame
This is about 22" x 27". Needs cleaning up but in good shape
502.Nice Heavy Gold Toned Frame with Cute Picture
This is about 19-1/4" x 23-1/2"
503.Wooden Frame
This is about 21-1/2" x 17-3/4"
504.Another Wooden Frame
This is about 23-1/2" x 29"
505.Wooden Frame
This is about 24-3/4" x 29"
506.Joan Bryant Print in Wooden Frame
This is about 14" x 24"
507.Nice Gold Toned Frame with Flower Print
This is about 15-1/2" x 28"
508.Heavy Gold Toned Frame with Flower Print
This is about 21" x 21" square
509.Large Cool Frame with Black Canvas and Decal of Blindfolded Dog
This is about 30-1/2" x 37"
510.Old Wooden Frame with Print of Hydrangeas
This is about 20-1/4" x 24"
511.World Globe Made Into Hanging Lamp
This is about 12-1/2" diameter. Chain is about 26" long
512.Vintage Wooden and Mirror Candle Holder
This is about 19" tall and 8-1/2" wide
513.Wooden and Upholstered Vintage Chair
Springs are messed up but good frame. It is about 41" tall.
514.Wooden Frame Painted Silver
This is about 14" x 16"
515.Wooden Gold Toned Frame
This is about 17-1/2" x 21-1/2"
516.Large Wooden Frame Painted Silver
Bottom corner is chipped as shown in photo. Measures about 26-3/4" x 30-3/4"
517.Really Heavy Gold Toned Mirror
This is about 27-1/4" x 34-1/2"
518.Mirror with White Wooden Frame
This is about 26" x 41"
519.Large White Lamp Shade with Metal Decorative Frame
This is about 24-1/2" diameter at the bottom
520.White Wooden Door with Locking Hardware
This is about 24" wide and 79-1/2" tall
521.Another White Wooden Door with Locking Hardware
This is about 24" wide and 79-1/2" tall
522.Another White Wooden Door with Locking Hardware
This is about 24" wide and 79-1/2" tall
523.Fabric Purse with Compartments
524.Large Beautiful Banner with a Lot of Detail Work, Round with Blue Fringe on Bottom
Great church decor. This is about 5 feet tall including fringe.
525.Large Beautiful Banner with a Lot of Detail Work, Swords and Doves on 1 Side and Words on Other
Great church decor. This is a little over 5 feet tall.
526.Large Beautiful Banner with a Lot of Detail Work, 2 People Holding Sun
Great church decor. This is over 6 feet tall.
527.Large Beautiful Banner with a Lot of Detail Work, Enter to Worship, Leave to Serve
Great church decor. This is about 6 feet tall.
528.Large Beautiful Banner with a Lot of Detail Work, Jewels of a Crown
Great church decor. Has faces of some people, but pictures could be replaced with another church's members. This is about 6 feet tall.
529.Large Beautiful Banner with a Lot of Detail Work, INRI
This is hung too high to get close-up photos, but we believe it is also about 6 feet tall.
530.White Wicker 2 Shelf Wall Hanging
This is about 15" wide, 18" tall and 6" deep
531.Full Size Metal Trash Can Full of Legs
532.Dresser Mirror with Fake Drawers Across Bottom
This is about 37-1/4" wide and 41" tall and 5" deep
533.Dresser Mirror Roll-Top Compartment at Bottom
This is about 47-1/2" wide, 46" tall and 11-1/2" deep
534.Very Heavy Wall Mirror
This is about 28-3/4" wide and 44-3/4" tall
535.Heavy Wall Mirror
This is about 21-1/2" wide and 49" tall
536.Lighter Weight Mirror
This is about 30" wide and 50" tall
537.Black Metal Hanging Pot Rack
This is about 33-1/2" wide and 20" tall without chain
538.UNAVAILABLE - Listed in error
539.Brown Wooden Head Board
This is about 84" wide and 37" tall. Missing piece as shown in photo.
540.Another Brown Wooden Head Board with Wheat Design on Back
This is about 62" wide and 48" tall in middle
541.Another Brown Wooden Head Board with Flower and Leaves Design
This is about 76-1/2" wide and 47" tall
542.Brown Wooden Foot Board
This is about 76-1/2" wide and 34" tall
543.Purple Wooden Head Board
This is about 52-1/2" wide and 48" tall
544.Vintage Wire Minnow Bucket
545.Another Vintage Wire Minnow Bucket
546.Old Copper Pot with Handle
547.Half Barrel Table or Planter on 3 Spindle Legs
548.Small Wooden Stool with Hand-Woven Fabric Top
549.Longhorn Skull
This is about 49" wide from tip to tip
551.Another Antler
552.Wood and Wicker Chair with Fabric Seat
553.Hand Made Wooden Table or Desk
This is about 52-3/4" long, 27-1/4" wide and 27-3/4" tall
554.Antique Metal Light Fixture, No Wiring
This is about 13" diameter.
555.Vintage School Desk Chair, Metal Frame with Wooden Seat & Back
556.Vintage Blue Rolling Office Chair
557.Lot of Vintage Clothing from the 1920s, 12 Pieces
558.White Metal Bench with Lone Star Creations Cut Out Across Back
This is about 56-3/4" wide and 39-1/2" tall. Two places where metal is worn as shown in photo
559.Vintage Lite Brite Game
560.2 Lamp Shades
561.2 Matching Lamp Shades
562.3 Lamp Shades, 2 that Match and 1 Separate
563.3 Industrial Fans on Long Metal Poles, Cart Not Included
These are about 63-1/2" tall
564.Gorgeous Heavy Wooden Table with Carving and Gold Leaf Design
This is about 42" wide, 21-1/2" deep and 32" tall
565.3 Leather Chairs
These appear to be in great condition. PLEASE NOTE: These are being sold as 3 times the money
566.Antique Rose Colored Sofa
This is about 80" long and appears to be in very good condition.
567.Sturdy Black Wooden Ladder Back Chair
568.4 Wooden Chairs with Wicker Backs and Leather Seats
A couple of legs appears to be loose and 1 chair is missing piece on back.
569.Galvin Electric Old Metal Fan on Metal Stand with Glass Design on Base
570.Smith Corona Typewriter in Case
571.Nice Vintage Leather and Wood Frame Chair
572.Vintage Corduroy Chair
This appears to be in good condition except for some wear on the arms. Photo makes seat look dirty but it is clean
573.Vintage Upholstered Wooden Chair with Wicker Back
Appears to be in pretty good shape
574.Vintage Small Scale French Provincial Loveseat or Sofa
This is about 34" wide and 18" tall. Needs re-upholstering. Great for decor or prop for pet photos
575.Vintage Small Scale French Provincial Chair
This is about 15-1/4" wide and 17" tall. Needs re-upholstering. Great for decor or prop for pet photos.
576.12 ft. Trailer Full of Wood, Lumber. Everything on trailer but trailer NOT included.
We will not be able to help load this, so please bring help.
577.Huge Metal Frame for Light Enclosure or Decor
This is about 42" tall and 24" sqare
578.Tri-Fold Ornate Wood and Fabric Divider Screen from 100-Year Old Bed & Breakfast
This is about 65-3/4" tall and each panel is about 16" wide.
579.Tri-Fold Ornate Wood and Fabric Divider Screen from 100-Year Old Bed & Breakfast
This is about 65-3/4" tall and each panel is about 16" wide.
580.Heavy Iron Chair with Grape and Grapevine Design
This is about 21" wide and 26" tall.
581.Heavy Iron Bench with Grape and Grapevine Design
This is about 33" wide and 27" tall.
582.10 ft. Trailer Full of Wood, Lumber. Everything on trailer but trailer NOT included.
We will not be able to help load this, so please bring help.
583.10 ft. x 6 ft. Enclosed Cargo Trailer
Note: This has Louisiana tags. No leaks as far as we can tell (and it HAS rained lately). There is a space where you can see daylight from the inside as shown in photo, but it appears to be sealed.
584.Old Rustic Farm Implement � Maybe Plow?
For perspective, wheel is about 30" diameter
585.Old Rustic Farm Implement � Maybe Plow
For perspective, wheel is about 29" diameter
586.Stack of cedar lumber, About 12 Pieces
We think these are 10 feet long.
587.4 Wooden and Leather Chairs
NOTE: These are being sold at 4 times the money
588.3 Wood and Leather/Vinyl Chairs
NOTE: These are being sold at 3 times the money
589.4 Curtis Products Reproduction of American Colonial Chairs
NOTE: These are being sold at 4 times the money
590.1 Wooden Chair
591.4 Wooden and Leather/Vinyl Chairs
NOTE: These are being sold at 4 times the money
592.4 Black Wooden Chairs with Spindle Backs
NOTE: These are being sold at 4 times the money
593.Very Large Metal Barn Cupola
This is about 92" tall and 45" across at the base. Circle is about 36" diameter.
594.Very Large Metal Barn Cupola, Does not include top spike (see additional photos)
This is about 72" tall (without top straight piece) and 45" across at the base. Circle is about 36" diameter.
595.Small Camper, Gutted
This would be a great mobile boutique

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