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Northeast Texas Antiques & Auctions
Closed -- Estate and Consignment Auction - Friday, August 23, 2019 - Thursday, August 29, 2019 Begins Closing at 7:00 p.m. at the rate of 4 items per minute.

Item Description
1.Nice Vintage Metal Outdoor Chair
The seat height is about 15", and it is about 34-1/2" tall overall.
2.Black Metal Shelving Unit
It is about 40" wide, 15" deep, and 38-1/2 tall.
3.Folding Metal Pet Kennel (dog, cat) With Front D and Side Doors
This is about 22" wide, 35-1/2" long, and 24-1/2" tall
4.Folding Metal Pet Kennel (dog, cat) With Front Door
This is about 18" wide, 24" long, and 20" tall. Tray has a small hole in it as shown in photo. There is a little bit of rust on door hinges, but works great.
5.Step 2 Plastic Kids Wagon
6.Pair of Nice Table Lamps with Shades
They are about 25-1/2" tall to top of the shade. PLEASE NOTE: These are being sold as "2 times the money"
7.Nice Heavy Iron Trash Can
This is about 18-1/4" tall and 13-1/2" diameter
8.Lot of Christmas Items with Rug, Stocking Holders, Tree Stands, and Bow
9.Rustic Tree Decor on Metal Frame
This is about 24-1/2" high.
10.Room Essentials Bed Rest
This is clean and about 20" x 30" x 9".
11.Black Lacquer Painted Wood Table without Glass
This is about 28" x 23" and 21-1/2" tall. The opening is about 20-1/4" x 15-1/4"
12.Rustic Iron Wall-Hanging Plate Rack
This is about 42" long, 5" tall, and 3" deep.
13.5-Tier Shelving Unit
This is about 55" tall and the shelves are about 11" x 11".
14.4-Tier Small Book Case or Shelving Unit
This is particle board and about 35" tall, 18-1/4" wide x 7'1/4" deep
15.Antique Chest with Pull-Out Drawers in Top Section
This is about 32" wide, 45" tall, and 18" deep
16.Antique Walnut Dresser with Mirror
This is about 37" wide, 39" tall without mirror (mirror is about 29" tall), and 17-3/4" deep.
17.Antique Genuine Roos Sweetheart Cedarette with Shelves and Pull-Out Drawers
This is about 18-1/4" wide, 32" tall, and 38-1/4" deep.
18.Walnut End Table
This is about 16-1/2" wide, 28-1/4" tall, and 21" deep.
19.Hard Rock Amish Maple Draw Leaf Table
This is about 45-3/4" long without leaves (leaves are about 14" each), 32" wide, and 30" tall. Hand made by Amish furniture builders. (Chairs not included)
20.4 Hard Rock Amish Maple Chairs (each)
4 times the money οΏ½ Chair is about 18" wide, 32" tall, and 17-1/4" deep at bottom of legs. Padded cushion available with each chair if desired.
21.Beautiful Vintage Hand-Made Cradle
Consignor's father made this cradle for her when she was a baby, about 62 years ago. The bed part is about 14-1/4" wide and 13-3/4" tall. The entire piece is about 39" tall and 32-1/2" tall, and 17" deep.
22.2 Vintage Cane-Bottom Chairs, one light, one dark
Each chair is about 17" wide and 34
23.Vintage Round Gold-Leaved Mirror
About 31" across
24.Antique 3/4-Size Bed
About 53-1/2" wide, Good condition/very sturdy.(Bedding not included. Original feather mattresses which have been re-done are available for free to highest bidder if wanted.)
25.Ceramic Chicken and Eggs in Wicker Basket
About 11" tall and 12-1/2" wide. Good condition; no issues found.
26.Ceramic Standing Chicken/Rooster
About 16" tall and 12" wide. Base is about 7". Great condition; no issues found.
27.Ceramic Rooster and Chicken
About 14" tall and 12" wide. Base is about 7". Great condition; no issues found.
28.Ceramic Chicken/Rooster
About 17-1/2" tall and 15" wide; base is about 10"
29.Ceramic Chicken/Rooster
About 15" tall and 13" wide; base is about 7". Good condition; one place where paint is white instead of black.
30.Home Interiors Canvas Print of Fruit with Metal Decorative Trim
About 25" tall and 16" wide. Front is in great condition. Backing paper has small hole.
31.Wire Basket Wall Hanging with Metal Chicken Design and Wooden Rolling Pin
About 17" tall and 10-1/2" wide. Rolling pin is 16-1/2" wide.
32.Fitz and Floyd Ceramic Chicken and Rooster with Country Vegetables Wall Hangings; 2 pieces
About 8" x 8". Great condition; no issues found. These are worth $$$. Photos show these as white but they are actually off-white.
33.Metal Can/Pail with Handle, Painted with Chicken/Rooster Design
About 12" high on tallest side; about 13" wide. Base is about 7-1/2". Minor paint chipping as shown in pictures.
34.Wooden Shelf with Metal Decorative Trim and Braces
This is about 28" wide, 7" deep, and 7" tall
35.Ceramic Chicken/Rooster
About 19" tall and 13" wide. Base is about 10". Great condition; no issues found.
36.Hard Molded Plastic Chicken/Rooster and Sunflowers Wall Decoration
About 23-1/4" wide and about 9" tall.
37.Stoneware Electric Candle Wax Warmer with Chicken/Rooster Design
Tested and it works. It is about 5" wide and 6" tall.
38.3 Decorative Scented Candles and 1 Glass Candle Topper Shade
39.Hard Molded Plastic Angels Stand with Large 3-Wick Ivory Candle
Stand w/candle is about 12" tall and 9" wide. Good condition; no issues found.
40.Wooden Shelf and Metal Grapes & Leaf Design Candle Holder
Shelf is about 15" wide and 5" deep. Candle holder is about 4-1/2" tall and 6-1/2" wide.
41.5 Pieces Luminarc Stemmed Wine Glasses from France with Black Stems
Beautiful; no issues found.
42.7 Pieces Luminarc Stemmed Champagne Glasses from France with Black Stems
Beautiful; no issues found.
43.5 Pieces Colored Stemware – 3 Blue and 2 Pink
Marked with "N" on bottom
44.7 Pieces Cut Glass – 4 Napkins Rings marked as Crystal from Germany, Others Unmarked
Napkin rings plus small heart-shaped bowl, tiny leaf-shaped dish, short stemmed dish
45.Vintage Rockingham Glaze Brush McCoy Woodlands Avenue of Trees Pitcher
About 7" tall. A couple of blemishes as shown in photo.
46.Heavy Lead Crystal Serving Platter
About 13-1/2" diameter
47.2-Tiered Glass Candy or Cookies Dish
About 10" tall
48.Oval Heavy Etched Glass Serving Dish with Flower Design
49.4 Angel Figurines
Blue & white angel holding rose is ceramic and about 13" tall. Other 3 are molded plastic. Large brown & green angel is about 15" tall. Angel holding lamb/sheep is about 11" tall, and the one holding a harp in about 7" tall.
50.2 Ceramic Lady Holding Hat Figurines – Avon & Home Interior
Lady holding hat and flower is Avon and about 9" tall. Lady with ruffles around bottom of dress is Home Interior and about 8" tall.
51.Assorted Stemmed Glasses
3 wine glasses with blue stems -about 7" tall; 2 stemmed glasses with etched leaves – about 5-1/2" tall
52.Beautiful Maroon Hand-Blown Swirled Glass Vase with Handle
About 14-1/2 tall. Great condition; no issues found.
53.Large Vintage Bevel-Edged Mirror with Gold-Leaf
About 54" wide and 36" tall.
54.Infinity Pen and Watch Set with TU Electric logo
55.Jewelry Lot – Oscar dela Renta Zipper Bag, Bloomingdale's Hinged Jewelry Case, 1 Pair of Earrings, & 1 Seashell Necklace
56.Lead Crystal Candy Jar with Lid
About 7" tall. No issues found
57.2 Planters – McCoy Bunny Rabbits and White Lace-top with Flower
McCoy is about 5" tall with no issues found (worth some $$$) and round white one is about 6" tall. Rose on front is secure, but it looks a bit cracked, as shown in photo.
58.Lot of Miscellaneous Items
Terra cotta pot with silk flower arrangement, metal candle holder, Willow Tree 2004 Thank You ornament, and cross-stitched pig in small wooden frame
59.2 Wicker Baskets
60.Brother GX-6750 Electric Typewriter
Powered on and carriage moved to left. No further testing done.
61.WordPerfect for Windows, version 5.2
Looks like complete set
62.Nice Collapsible Wooden Tray with Wicker Top
63.Nice Metal Lamp with Birds, Nest, Eggs, and Acorns
About 21" tall; It works.
64.10 Vintage 10" 78's Record Albums from the 1940's and '50's in Binder
Binder is not in best condition, but albums look good. Unable to test.
65.Brother 1034D Serger/Sewing Machine with 4 Spools of Thread and Pincushion
Powers on and light works; not tested furhter.
66.Maria Donovan Painting of Poppies on 4 Connected Canvases
This is about 36" wide and 22"wide.
67.Series of 7 Marvel Comics Group "Dazzler" from 1981
Sleeved and look to be in great condition
68.2 Marvel Comics Group "Dazzler"'s from
#32 from 1984; #14 from 1982. Sleeved and look to be in great condition
69.Series of 4 DC Comics "Legion of Super Heroes" from 1985
#24 - #27; sleeved and look to be in great condition
70.Series of 5 DC Comics "Legion of Super Heroes" from 1985 and 1986
#30 - #34; sleeved and look to be in great condition
71.Assortment of 3 DC Comics from 1986
Sleeved and look to be in great condition
72.Marvel Comics "Elf Quest" from 1987
Sleeved and look to be in great condition
73.Davis Cabinet Company Wooden Chair with Cushioned Seat
It is about 19" wide, 34" tall, and 16" deep
74.Vintage End Table with Harp Base and One Drawer
It is about 14-1/2" wide, 28" tall, and 18-1/2" deep. (Photo is crooked and we'll try to get another one uploaded. Table is steady and in great condition.)
75.Another Vintage End Table with Harp Base and One Drawer
It is about 14-1/2" wide, 28" tall, and 18-1/2" deep. (Photo is crooked and we'll try to get another one uploaded. Table is steady and in great condition.)
76.Large Metal Leaf Wall Hanging or Very Shallow Bowl
77.2 Vintage Original Stiffel Brass Table Lamps
Consigner says they are original, not reproductions. They are about 32" tall, and they work.
78.Vintage Original Stiffel Brass Table Lamp
Consigner says this is original, not reproductions. It is about 36" and it works.
79.vintage Original Stiffel Brass Table Lamp
Consigner says this is original, not reproductions. It is about 36" and it works.
80.Beautiful Vintage Queen Anne Chair
Nice clean/good condition
81.Beautiful Vintage Queen Anne Chair
Nice, clean/good condition. Area of trim pulling away from bottom of chair as shown in photo.
82.Vintage Ethan Allen Magazine Table
Hinged opening to storage area.This is about 27-1/4" wide, 24" tall, and 17-1/2" deep.
83.Nice Vintage Round Wooden Table from the late 1950's
This is about 24" across and 26" tall.
84.Amazing Large Lot of Vintage Jewelry
Mostly earrings, pins, and pendants.
85.Another Amazing Lot of Vintage Jewelry
Mostly earrings, pins, and pendants.
86.Amazing Large Lot of Vintaqe Necklaces
87.Lot of 6 Watches
Includes Pulsar, Seiko, and more
88.Lot of Vintage Necklaces and Bracelets
89.Another Lot of Beautiful Vintage Jewelry
Mostly earrings, pins, and necklaces.
90.Another Amazing Lot of Vintage Necklaces
Nice, big "statement necklaces"
91.4 Bolts of Cotton Fabric
2 navy blue, 1 navy/white striped, 1 red/white striped
92.Large Box of Assorted Material Scraps
Good variety of small and large pieces
93.Another Large Box of Assorted Material Scraps
Good variety of small and some large pieces
94.Medium Tub Full of Lace Trim and Other Rolls of Trim
95.Medium Tub Full of Pieces of Colored Fringe
96.2 Wooden Thread Spool Holders and Partial Spool of White Lace Trim
larger spool holder is about 18" long and 12" wide.
97.Mason Jar of Assorted Buttons
98.Round Tin Full of Sewing Items
Tin measures 8" across. Includes pin cushions, pins, needles, bobbins, snaps, etc.
99.Home-made Pin Cushion and Thread Holder, Plastic Thread Holder, and Wooden Mirrored Base
100.Lot of Material Pieces including University of Texas Cotton Piece & Some Scrap Materials
101.Decorative Ceramic Old-Style Sewing Machine with Ceramic Sewing Accessories
Wheel on sewing machine turns
102.Medium Tub Full of Assorted Decorative Trim and Material Scraps
103.Tub of 70-80 Spools of Vintage Boilfast Embroidery Thread
104.Collectible 1984 Playmobil Set Purchased in Germany
Complete set in great condition ($$$)
105.Metal Lawnmower Utility Wagon/Dumptruck
The bed is about 33" wide and 42" long and 12" deep. It is about 55" long in total.
106.Hydraulic Floor Jack
2-ton capacity
107.Reese Heavy-Duty RV Hitch Assembly with Stabilizer Bar System
108.Collectible Baseball Memorabilia
28 Sleeves of Nolan Ryan Baseball Card in Notebook; Plus Danbury Mint Commemorative Gold Cards and Info on Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa Breaking the Home Run Record in 1998
109.Nice Wooden Hanging Shelf
110.2 Black Metal Shelving Units with Attached Plate Rack Hangers
About 36" wide and 12-3/4" tall with hangers attached. Another plate hanger found after photo taken.
111.Bronze Colored Metal Plate Rack Wall Hanging
112.Metal Easel
This is about 17" tall and 19" wide at the bottom.
113.Large Metal Easel
This is about 35 tall, 26-1/2" wide, and 19" deep.
114.Lot of 6 Small Pocket Knives
115.Lot of 6 Larger Pocket Knives
Lot includes knives from Winchester, Chicago Cutlery, and NRA
116.Lot of 4 Watches
Lot includes Gruen, Timex, and others.
117.Lot of Miscellaneous Items
Glass mug, letter opener, Boy Scout patches, snips in leather cash.
118.Confederate Reproduction Paper Bills
$10, $50, and $100 bills
119.2 Vintage Magazines, "Saturday Evening Post" from 1964 & "Woman's Home Companion" from 1933
120.6 Vintage Magazines, "The People's Home Journal" from early 1900's
Issues from 1911, 1919, 1920, 1922, 1923, and 1928.
121.Lot of 5 Vintage Magazines – "Collier's" from 1943 and "Life" from 1938, 1940, & 1941
122.Nice Heavy Wooden Hinged Box Full of Oil Painting Supplies
many colors of oil paints, some turpentine, paintbrush, small plastic pallette board, and cotton cloth
123.Cute Child-Size Wooden Picnic Table Painted in Coastal Color
This measures about 29-1/2" long, 21" tall, and 33-1/2" wide including benches.
124.Small Table Hand-Painted with Texas Longhorn Emblem
This is about 12" across and 22" tall
125.Nice Wooden Chair with Cowhide Cushion
This is about 40" tall, 24" wide, and 17-1/2" deep. Small blemish on arm as shown in photo.
126.Cute Little Painted Wooden Stool/Table
This is about 14-1/2" tall and top is 12" x 10-3/4".
127.Wooden Quilt/Blanket Rack with Heart Designs on Ends
This is about 32-1/2" tall, 27-3/7" wide, and 8-1/2" deep.
128.Wooden Wall Hanging Display Shelf
This is about 19-1/4" tall, 35-3/4" wide, and 5-1/4" deep.
129.Cute Iron Longhorn Sculpture
This is about 21-1/2" tall, 23-1/4" long and 15-3/4" wide. It's back legs swing back and forth.
130.Cute Hand-Painted Floor Lamp with Police and Airplane Design
It works. Perfect for a boy's room. It is about 53" tall and the base is about 11-1/2".
131.Iron Decorative Piece, Maybe "Flower"
The "arms" of this piece could hold photos, cards, or be left as is.
132.Rustic Frame and Matted Photo of Sheep in Snow on Farm
This is about 17-2/4" tall and 20-3/4" wide. Signature appears to be Gary M. McCurt...
133.Coleman Portable Propane Camping Stove
134.Rolling Metal Test Rite Tool Box with One Shelf
This is about 25-1/2" tall, 20-1/4" wide, and 10-3/4" deep.
135.Vintage Window in Rustic Frame Painted Torquoise with Decal Design
Design reads Believe, Treasure, Cherish, Dream, Love. It measures about 28" square.
136.Home Interior Small Cabinet with Two Shelves, Round Bar Below, and Chicken/Rooster Design Painted on Front
137.Small Wooden Cabinet with Chicken/Rooster Designs on Mesh Front
Seems to be missing a handle on door, as shown in photo, but it still opens easily.
138.Home Interiors Wooden Hanging Shelf with One Drawer and Designed with Fruit Tiles
139.Lot of 1 Large and 4 Small Hard Plastic Chicken/Rooster Figurines
140.Lot of 2 Chicken/Rooster Decor – Metal Barn Holds 2 Votive Candles (included) and Tissue Holder is Made of Hard Plastic.
One leg on tissue holder is loose/unstable.
141.Rustic Metal Wire Basket and 3 Hard Plastic Chicken/Rooster Figurines
142.4 Vintage Porcelain Figurines – 2 Taller Ones Are Stamped "Huck"
Taller ones are about 7" tall and shorter ones are about 5-3/4" tall.
143.2-Piece Metal Hanging Plate Rack for 3 Plates
This is about 29-1/2" tall and 9-5/8" wide
144.Nice Heavy White Serving Dish/Decor Dish
145.Wooden Egg-Shaped Cutting Board with Metal Chicken/Rooster Head and Tail Design
146.Vintage Hand-Stitched Quilt – 2-Sided
It is about 82" x 60"
147.Vintage Hand-Stitched Basket Design Quilt – 2 Sided
It is about 72" x 65"
148.Vintage Hand-Stitched Quilt
Very old and in rough shape. It is about 72" x 61"
149.Vintage Hand-Stitched Quilt
It is about 80" x 65"
150.2 Vintage Hand-Stitched Quilt Tops
Darker one is about 73" x 63". Lighter one is about 84" x 68".
151.2 Vintage Hand-Stitched Quilt Tops
Spinning wheels/pinwheel design is about 87" x 66". Butterfly design is about 76" x 62-1/2".
152.Vintage Hand-Stitched Quilt
Looks like flower pieces are cut and appliqued on large pieces rather than lots of smaller squares. Most flowers are in good shape; some show wear consistent with age. It is about 83" x 64".
153.2 Knitted/Crocheted Blankets/Throws
Solid blue one is about 81" x 51". Striped one is about 71" x 40".
154.Vintage Hand Crocheted Bed Cover
It is about 93" x 72".
155.Vintage Hand Crocheted Bed Cover
It is about 102" x 84".
156.2 Vintage Hand Crocheted Table Cloths
Round one with purple flowers is about 38" across. Off-white one is about 49" x 47".
157.Whitewash Wood Window Design with Mirror Panes
This is about 22-1/2" x 18-1/2".
158.Chicken/Rooster Figurine (resin?)
Says Expo, Inc. on bottom
159.Hand-Painted Roses Ceramic Dish
Signed "Loretta Helman" on bottom
160.Corelle Dishes, 31 Pieces – Morning Blue Pattern
11 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, 4 large bowls, 7 cups, 1 serving platter
161.Young's Heartfelt Kitchen Creations Canister Set with Chicken/Rooster Design
8 pieces, including lids -
162.3-Piece Chicken/Rooster Painted Trays/Plate
They appear to be wooden.
163.Another Lot of Corelle Dishes, Morning Blue Pattern
7 bread and butter plates, 9 small bowls, 5 cereal bowls, 2 larger bowls, and 3 small white bowls with no flower design
164.Lot of 3 Small Pyrex Dishes with Lids, 2 Pink Gooseberry and 1 Green Crazy Daisy Patterns
165.3-Piece Lot of Pyrex Dishes
2 pie plates and 1 loaf pan
166.Lot of 3 Decorative Items – Vintage Frankoma Pottery Texas-shaped Bowl, Green Glass Bowl with Scalloped Edge, and Cracker Barrel Decorative Plate
167.2 Wooden Cutting Boards, One Shaped Like Chicken/Rooster
Chicken/rooster board is from Hostetter & Co. Woodworks.
168.Large Lot of Unused Buttons
9 Baggies Full
169.Lot of Miscellaneous Sewing-Related Decor and Small Plastic Sewing Box w/Thread, Pincushion & Scissors
170.Large Box of Assorted Colors of Spools of Thread, Scissors, Hooks, & Ruler
171.Small Tub of Assorted Unused Buttons
172.Large Lot of Miscellaneous Sewing Tools
Small scissors, tweezers, pincushion, bobbins, cover button kits, needles, and much more
173.Battery Operated Miniature Plastic Singer Sewing Machine Replica with Real Needle & Thread
174.Lot of Sewing Scissors, Grommet Tools and Supplies, and Misc. Sewing Items
175.Ronco Food Dehydrator in Original Box with Paperwork
yogurt maker and beef jerkey machine
176.White Metal Roasting Pan, 3-3/4" Deep
177.Glass Candy Jar & Lid Filled with Plastic and Metal Cookie Cutters & Measuring Spoons
178.Cast Iron Skillet, Lodge Brand
10" diameter
179.Cast Iron Skillet and Cast Iron Cornbread Pan
Round skillet is 6-1/2" across, Cornbread pan is Lodge brand.
180.Cast Iron Skillet
8" diameter
181.Large Old Iron Wagon Wheel Rim with Iron Hub and Broken Wooden Spokes
39-3/4" across rim
182.Child's Backpack with Disney's Belle – New in Package
183.Child's Backpack with Disney's Belle – New in Package
184.Brass and Metal Candelabra
Holds 5 candles
185.Metal and Glass Candle Holder with Tree Limbs and Bird Design
Holds 2 candles
186.Vintage Heavy Wooden Rolling Pin
187.Vintage Heavy Wooden Decorative Rolling Pin with Stars and Stripes Design
188.Old Cowboy Cat Ceramic Bank
189.Vintage Mexican Saddle Tree
made from old wood and a couple of leather patches
190.Vintage Heavy Brass Surveyor's Transit Compass
From 1914? Don't know if that is a year or a model number...
191.Vintage Projector
About 16" tall to top of electrical wire
192.Nice Wooden Hinged Box with Various Jewelry
includes necklaces, bracelets and earrings
193.Lot of 4 Watches
Includes 1 Seiko and others
194.3 Silk Flower Garlands
2 are 62" long and 1 is 96" long.
195.Large Lot for Candle Lovers – Unlit Candles, Candle Lampshades & Candle Stand
Some White Barn candles, some Home Interior lampshades, and more
196.Metal Angel and Metal Cross
Angel is about 14" tall and cross is about 6-1/2" tall
197.3 Resin Figurines to Hang off Edge of Shelf or Bookcase – Angels are Music Box that Plays "Tea for Two"
Music box works. Rabbit is about 7" long.
198.2 Ceramic Painted Plates with Metal Plate Stands
199.Box FULL of material pieces and scraps
Box is 18" X 10" X 12-1/2". Photos show sampling and not all pieces.
200.4 Iron Horse Shoes
Marked with "ROYAL, St. Pierre Worcester MA"
201.Lot of 10 Hardback Books
202.Lot of 17 William W. Johnstone Western Paperback Books Plus 4 Other Paperbacks and Nice Small Wooden Crate
203.Lot of 6 Hardback and 3 Paperback Books – various authors
Is one of these written about our neighboring town, Poetry Texas?
204.2 Wooden Collapsible Decorative Tables with Painted Flowers Design
Each is about 19" tall and 17-3/4" diameter.
205.Large Vintage Webster's Dictionary from 1947
206.Fall Decor – 2 stone tiles with Pumpkins & Flowers and Wooden Harvest Sign
207.Box FULL of Material and Batting
The dark red and green are really good-sized pieces.
208.Box FULL of material pieces and scraps
209.Nice Floral Bag Full of Sheets of Iron-On Rhinestones and Plastic Cases of Rhinestones, Beads, & Tweezers
There are over 50 sheets of the new/in package iron-on rhinestones.
210.Lot with Spools of Boilfast Thread and Various Sewing/Craft Items
Lots of pretty colors of thread plus wooden thread spool holder, glitter, sewing machine oil, spray fabric adhesive, and Sparkle Stone Setter.
211.Gold Edition 2005 Commemorative Quarters Gold Edition Set Plus Statehood Quarters Collector's Albums
Quarters' Collector's Albums – There are 2 from 1999-2003 and 2 from 2004-2008.
212.3 Pieces of Vintage Uranium Glass / Vaseline Glass
Tiny chip in base of etched glass piece and small chip in 2-handled piece, as shown in photos.
213.2 Green Stemmed Glass Pieces
These are about 5-1/4" tall.
214.Iron Decorative Pieces – 6 Crosses with Nails and 2 Stars
215.8 Pieces of Milk Glass Stemmed Tea/Water Glasses
216.6 Glass Stemmed Dessert Cups
217.4 Stemmed Glass Tea/Water Glasses with Knobbed Blue Stems
These are about 7-1/4" tall.
218.Female Hanging Fashion Form
219.2 Wood Carved Mask Faces
One is marked Timboel Handicraft.
220.Old Brown Jug
221.Vintage Japanese Musical Jewelry Box
The music works.
222.Lot of 3 Watches, 1 Elgin, 1 Timex, 1 other
All 3 have repairs to be made.
223.Hanging Tiffany-Style Lamp
No chips or Physical damage found. No way to test
224.Wood Crafting Materials and 3-Piece Wooden Angel Puzzle
225.Scentsy Brand University of Texas Designed Candle Warmer and Partial Bar of Scented Wax
Tested and it works.
226.Pneumatic Tool and Grease Gun
227.Small Jar of Marbles, Fossil Watch Tin, Texas-Sized Jigger, DiVinci Code Book on CD, and Sirius Radio
228.Lot of Kids' Items Incuding Nice Metal Basket
Dora the Explorer dominoes, Social Studies study cards, and nice metal basket filled with metal and wooden play kitchen dishes & accessories
229.Two Heavy Beautiful Pottery Bowls
Large one's diameter is about 13-3/4" and the smaller one is about 9-3/4".
230.Lot of Assorted Girly Things
Small Nasco dish from Japan, other small painted dish, glass heart-shaped bowl, 2 metal roses, and Ashley box with interchangeable watch bands and faces (watch not included)
231.2 Kneeling Pottery and Ceramic Angel Figurines
Tallest one is about 10" tall; shorter one is about 6-1/2" tall.
232.Lot of 5 Ceramic and Resin Angel Figurines
Tallest one with gold-tipped wings is about 6" tall.
233.Lot of 3 Ceramic Figurines – 2 are Angels
Tallest one is about 8" tall.
234.Someone's Rock Collection Organized in Plastic Tote
Looks like some good rocks here. Could #14 be gold?
235.Test Rite Tool Box with Top Section and 3-Drawers
Bottom drawer needs new drawer pull.
236.Plastic Tote Drawer with Wine Corks, Dominoes, Chopsticks, Colored Pencils, and More
237.Lot of Red, White & Blue / Patriotic Items
Stuffed Mr. & Mrs. are about 24" tall. 2 small red bottles, wooden angel with wire hanger, and small metal U.S. Flag with wire hanger.
238.Lot with Super Pretzel Bake Set, Yellow Metal Divided Plates, and Apron
Metal plates have some areas of use. Apron might be hand-made and it appears to be water resistant material.
239.Lot of 6 Jack Daniels Glasses with Etched Message
great condition; no issues found.
240.Ceramic Butter Dish with Cow Topper and Glass One-Gallon Sun Tea Pitcher
241.Signed Charles Frace Art Piece Black Panther
This is about 38" wide and 32" tall.
242.Thought to be Breyer Traditional Model Horse from 1980's (Palomino w/chain reins)
This has the "B" marking on leg. Consigner thinks it is Breyer but is not sure. This is about 6-1/2" tall to back.
243.Breyer Traditional Model Horse from 1980's (brown w/black markings)
Consigner says this is Breyer and we see stamp. This is about 5-1/4" to back.
244.Another Breyer Traditional Model Horse from 1980's (light w/black markings)
Consigner says this is Breyer and we see stamp. This is about 6" tall to back.
245.Another Breyer Traditional Model Horse from 1980's (bay horse w/black feet)
Consigner says this is Breyer and we see stamp. This is about 6" to back.
246.Another Breyer Traditional Model Horse from 1980's (brown & white paint)
Consigner says this is Breyer and we see stamp. This is about 5" to back.
247.Another Breyer Traditional Model Horse from 1980's (black & white paint)
Consigner says this is Breyer and we see stamp. This is about 6" to back.
248.Breyer Traditional Model Horses (babies) from the 1980's
Consigner says these are Breyer. They are about 4-1/4" tall to back
249.Another Breyer Traditional Model Horse from 1980's (gray)
Consigner says this is Breyer. It is about 6" tall to back.
250.Lot of 3 Red Vehicles - Ertl Collectibles, Road Champs & Other
Ertl Collectibles 1957 Chevy w/O'Reilly logo (about 7-1/2"" long); Road Champs 1956 Ford F100 (about 4-1/2 long) & Kinsmart keychain
251.Lot of 2 Red Vehicles – Liberty Classics & Other
l"Liberty Classic Limited Edition #2 1937 Chevy w/Sentry Hardware logo (missing headlight as shown in photo)(about 6-3/4"" long); and other red truck is missing wheel).
252.Red Cast Iron Old Fire Truck
No markings. It is about 8" long.
253.Ball Mason Jar with Mini Billiard Balls and Ceramic Pipe Designed Cup
Mason jar w/lid is about 7" tall.
254.Leather Valet Filled with Misc. Treasures
Pocket Knife, pins, "forgiven" dog tag nicklace, ring, small Diamond Shop case w/tie tack, and more
255.Small Jewelry Box Filled with Jewelry
Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more
256.4 Mason Jars
257.3 Brass Items - Pitcher and 2 Candlesticks
258.Vintage Silver on Copper Sugar and Creamer Set
259.Heavy Red Kettle with Lid
Appears to be cast iron but the inside is glazed.
260.Lot of 11 Different Season and Holiday Flags with Wooden Hanging Rod
These measure about 29" x 40"
261.Tapestry Style Table Runner with Rooster and Farm Design
This measures about 71" long excluding tassels.
262.Nice Tapestry Style Decorative Hanging with Loops to Hang from Rod (rod not included)
Lined/backed nicely. Measures about 36" x 26"
263.Beautiful Home Interiors "Silent Prayer" Resin Praying Angel
in original box and packaging
264.Lot of 5 Religious Items
Canvas square, metal square with resin tile, 2 crosses (1 with votive cancle) and Bible cover
265.Fitz and Floyd Rooster with Vegetables Design Shallow Bowl
266.4 Small Plates with Metal Plate Hanger
Plates are about 4-1/2" diameter.
267.2 Molded Plastic Decorative Grapes Wall Hangings and 1 Tin Basket with Silk Greenery
268.Vintage Mosaic in Reds Large Stemmed Vase
Diameter across top is about 8-1/2"
269.Vintage Resin Angel Holding Cone-Shaped Glass Vase
2 pieces
270.2 Scented Jar Candles and 4 Candle Lampshades
3 lampshades are from Home Interiors.
271.Metal Easel and 2 Brass Keys
Easel is about 10-1/2" tall.
272.Vintage Round Wooden Box with Stencilled Painted Design Filled with Ribbons
Box is about 7" tall.
273.Wooden Garden Angel with Tin Wings
274.Wood, Metal & Glass Beads Butterfly, Small Wooden Birdhouse & Small Pink Wooden Box
275.Hummingbird Wind Chimes
This is about 18-3/4" tall.
276.Lot of Metal Dιcor - 2 Small Brass Giraffes and 1 Tin Chicken/Rooster
Rooster is about 9" tall and tallest giraffe is about 5" tall.
277.2 Resin Figurings to Hang Off Edge of Shelf - Cat and Pig
278.Oriental Style Ceramic Vase w/Lid; 2 Glass Mugs; and an Autumn Themed Miniature Tea Set
Apple design mug is from Cracker Barrel; Grape design mug is Home Interiors.
279.Mauve-Colored Wooden Shelf with Bow Design
280.Small Lane Cedar Box Filled with Treasures - Watches, Bracelets
Watches, bracelets, Bolo tie and more
281.Lot of 4 Candles, Metal Candle Holder & Small Ceramic Pot
282.3 Sets of Fabric Placemats
4 Roosters w/dark background; 4 red and black reversible; and 9 roosters w/light backgroung
283.Lot of Costume Jewelry Silver Earrings
284.Lead Crystal Container and Small Mexican Ceramic Box with LOTS of Earrings plus Elgin Watch
285.4 Gold Rope Necklaces
20" long thick rope is stamped 14k but the necklace is very lightweight and we do not think it it. It was connected to the 29" long thick rope necklace which is quite heavy but we do not find any markings on it or its clasp. 18" smaller rope one has "Kore
286.3 Necklaces - Tarnished Like Silver (but not sure)
There is some corrosion aroun dclasp on pear necklace.
287.Lot of Jewelry, Mostly Necklaces
Also a few earrings and bracelets
288.Sharp-Shooter, Square Shovel and Rounded Shovel
Rounded shovel obviously has bad handle top as shown in photo.
289.Rounded Hovel, Hoe, & Potato Fork
Top of the hoe handle is rotted some.
290.Potato Fork, Edger, & Yoyo
Top of edger is broken/rotted. Potato fork has bent tines.
291.Long-Handled Tree Saw
292.Black & Decker Electric Hedge Clippers
Blade says 16". It works
293.Weed Eater Brand Electric Hedge Clippers
powered on it is works; probably needs oil.
294.Lot of Assorted Games
Vintage Dominoes and Chinese Checkers appear to be complete. Backgammon game is incomplete.
295.Lot of Peacock Items – Avon Bottle and Operation Redfin Vase with Peacock Feathers
Avon bottle is 16" long and feathers are 24" tall.
296.Clown Salt & Pepper Shakers from Japan; Small Jim Beam Spice Shaker, Tongs, & Basting Brush
297.2 Wooden Boxes
Padron cigar box decorated, and basket-weave design on other box.
298.2 1974 GOP Democrat Mugs
299.Another Lot of Girly Items
2 dress-form style jewelry holders, decorated wine glass, and flowery vase
300.Cowboy Print Matted and Framed in Red Frame
301.Sterling Silver Necklace and Sugar & Creamer Set from Japan
302.Set of 3 Metal Stacking Stools w/ Card Suits Designs Cut Out
These are about 11-1/2" in diameter and 17" tall.
303.Set of 4 Metal Stacking Stools w/Butterfly Designs Cut Out
These are about 11-1/2" in diameter and 17" tall.
304.Delicate Vintage Glass and Metal Lamp Shade/Cover
305.Vintage Powder Container with Over 200 Buttons
306.Vintage Wooden Card Organizer Box Filled with some Greeting Cards
307.Nice Heavy Vintage Glass Bowl/Punchbowl with 10 Glass Cups & a Plastic Ladle
Cups are about 3" tall.
308.Nice Lined Wooden Jewelry Box Filled with Jewelry and 1 Watch
309.2 Wooden Rooster Decor – Farmer's Market and Fresh Egg Signs
These are about 18" tall.
310.Ceramic Iron-Shaped Box w/Lid and Tub-Shaped Container; Avon Blue Pitcher and Dish, and Small Poppies Design Vase
311.Lot of Metal Items – Old Pot w/Lid from Korea, Tin Cow & Pig Wall Hangings, Citronella Holder & Ring Full of Keys
312.3 Golf Balls & Baggie Full of Tees; Wooden Birdhouse w/Bottle Opener; and Crazy Head Pencils
313.Fireball Whiskey Jenga-Style Game; Wooden Box w/Sliding Lid; Small Box w/Incense Items; and Aquarium Filter
Box lid says "Salmon Legend" and "Joe Wilson."
314.Paradise Galleries "White Star" Porcelain Doll; Ceramic Heart-Shaped Dish w/Lid; & Ceramic Basket
315.Very Nice Glass & Metal Lamp
It works.
316.Heavy-Duty Gardener's Helper Tractor Seat
With tray for storage while working outside.

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